IV is the loneliest number?

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Hey, Breast Cancer? I Know Where You Live.

87814415(1) In the world of breast cancer, metastasis is a lonely business.

Of approximately 2.8 million Americans living with breast cancer, 155,000 – less than 6 percent – have the metastatic variety, or Stage IV, which means the cancer has spread to distant organs such as bones, liver, lungs or brain.

Hashtag minority.

Hashtag overlooked.

We get lost in the tangle of endless pink ribbons and cancer-free success stories. There’s no denying that early-stage breast cancer gets way more attention than chronic and incurable metastatic/Stage IV. Consider:

  • The Susan G. Komen Foundation started in 1982. The National Breast Cancer Association was founded in 1991. But the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network only began in 2004 – just 10 years ago! Thank goodness MBCN founders Jane Soyer and Nina Schulman came along when they did.
  • Thirty percent of breast cancer survivors will metastasize, but only 2 percent of research funding goes to…

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